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8 Expert Tips to Build a Successful SEO Strategy

Expert Tips To Build A Successful SEO Strategy

Reaching the right people online (rather than the most people) is what really matters for business success. As SEO experts in San Diego, we recommend laser-focusing on your unique niche. Create relevant, engaging content that showcases your brand image to attract, inform and build a relationship with your true audience and create a Successful SEO Strategy for your website.

Check out these forward-thinking SEO tips for building a Successful SEO Strategy 2022-23. 

1. Use keywords naturally, positioned for impact

Include keywords in title tags and within the first 100 words of your content, as well as link anchor text. Build out your list of keywords with longer-tail keyword phrases. Find useful, synonymous search terms at the bottom of your search result pages.

2. Create content to reach people, not the search engine

Google wants to provide human users with exactly what they’re searching for, so don’t simply stuff your blog with keywords loosely tied together. Over time, Google has learned what people find interesting and relevant. Trying to trick the search engine into ranking your content at the top won’t work. Write quality content to win over the search engine and the (human) searcher. (Get expert guidance from our San Diego SEO company as needed!)

3. Keep up with Google evolution

When Google makes big changes to its search algorithm, it is typically announced, analyzed, and explained online by a variety of different experts. As a leading San Diego SEO company, our team learns about the changes immediately. We also test to learn which SEO strategy works best in the new online environment. We then customize the most current SEO strategies to our client’s needs, ensuring they maintain a high page rank.

4. Prioritize link-building

Outbound links to trusted industry websites, .edu sites, and .gov sites give your content authority. Get backlinks to further enhance your credibility and reputation as an expert. Link internally to other relevant pages on your site to provide further content for deeper exploration. However, be wary of wedging in too many internal or external links, which will affect the readability of your page.

5. Prepare featured snippets

Answer questions with an FAQ on your website. Google can be pull these out and feature in the answer-box at the top of the latest SERPs pages. Use formatting, including lists and bullets, to make your content stand out. This way, it is easy for Google to access when it wants to serve up a succinct answer. (Featured Snippets build your brand credibility rather than gaining you direct click-throughs.)

6. Be a speed demon

Test to be sure your site loads quickly and smoothly on all mobile platforms and formats. Users have less patience than ever for slow-loading websites–and they won’t stick around. Optimize images, write clean code, delete anything dead or outdated, such as links, etc. Check your site with a tool like GTmetrix to ensure it displays properly and quickly.

7. Create a user-friendly user experience

Help users navigate directly to the content they’re seeking within your website. Keep common use cases in mind—this is what your site visitors most want to accomplish. A confusing web design UX is frustrating and can drive users away. Make sure all your links work. Keep your navigation simple and direct, which pleases people and makes Google’s indexing easy. When users and search engines can easily scan your pages, everyone wins.

8. Audit and enhance website content regularly

Continually evolve your SEO strategy. Keep up with trends by adding new content that comments upon or explains new concepts. You can outline new products/services and provide your POV on industry news. Keep popular pages updated and delete those that are rarely visited. Write and create content that ranges from more general to specific. This content draws in readers at all levels of knowledge or familiarity with your topic.

How to Set Up for Successful SEO Strategy in 2022-23

As the SEO universe moves forward, you’ll never fall behind — with expert advice from our San Diego SEO agency. Contact us for tailored SEO services in San Diego today.


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