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Sales Funnel experts helping your business generate sales by directing prospects through the decision-making pathway to purchasing points.

Sales Funnel Creation Service

A sales funnel consists of a series of steps or phases along the way to making a sale to a customer. Few visitors to your website will make a purchase right away – only 2% in fact – so they have to be guided along in their journey toward purchasing. When you avail yourself of a sales funnel service, your partner firm will help identify any weaknesses in that sales funnel.

These can then be strengthened or patched up, so there is less chance that a potential customer will simply drop out. Companies that are in the sales funnel service business are especially adept at identifying holes in your funnel, and shoring them up. Our company is a web designer in San Diego, but we also offer a sales funnel creation service, to help build your funnel from scratch.

sales funnel services

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So what does a San Diego web designer have to do with sales funnel services? Believe it or not, the two concepts aren’t so far apart. The point of building an appealing and highly functional website is to attract customers and visitors. Once those visitors are on your site, that’s where the sales funnel process can begin. Everything on your site – the content, the images, product descriptions, the ease of navigation – all of it helps to convince a consumer to purchase from you. So our web design in San Diego goes hand-in-hand with our sales funnel service, and here’s how we can help create or improve your funnel.

The Sales Funnel

Think of a sales funnel as a kind of silent guide, a person or object directing potential customers to take an action you want them to. This might be just providing you with their email address so you can follow up with your sales pitch later. Or it might be to try and convince them to buy from you right at that time. The way that any sales funnel functions is by having an understanding of the ideal customer – their wants, their needs, their pain points. Having this knowledge will better help you to craft a message that touches them and resonates. 

When a visitor comes to your site, and finds that you know exactly what they need, or how to solve their problem, they’re immediately interested. From that point onward, the steps along the sales funnel should all work together to advance the consumer to the next stage. For instance, if the first stage was simple curiosity, you need to advance them to the ‘interested’ or ‘intrigued’ phase. The last stage of the sales funnel is the purchasing phase, and if you’ve developed a good sales funnel, it should have guided a number of users there. 

The methods used to advance consumers along the path of the sales funnel can be fairly diverse. Videos are often part of the mix, providing interesting and informative visuals that captivate the visitor. Blogs and useful content can also get their attention and keep them moving along the right path. Enticing lead magnets may also be part of the package, and these can persuade a number of users to buy from you. If you’re looking for sales funnel development or refurbishing, contact our company and get set to maximize results.

sales funnel creation
sales funnel creation services

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