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10 Powerful SEO Tips to Boost Traffic to Your Website


Your company’s website is a portal that lets visitors learn about your business’s products and services. That’s why it’s important to use search engine optimization (SEO) to help visitors find your website. The following 10 Tips to Boost Traffic to Your Website, recommended by our San Diego marketing company, can help any website’s search performance.

1. Don’t Neglect Design

Your website’s design is critical, so invest in it. Not doing so, according to the Search Engine Journal, will “risk squandering” your other efforts to build and impress your website’s audience. (Many of the subsequent tips on this list play into good web design.)

2. Select Keywords Carefully

When creating the content for your website, never forget the importance of keywords, which play a huge role in search result placement. Google advises thinking like a customer—that is, figuring out what terms your customers are searching for and selecting keywords accordingly. (Keyword selection is an important task that San Diego SEO companies and their nationwide counterparts can help with.)

3. Lean into Your Focus

Chances are, your business is good at what it does, so lean into that. For instance, if you’re trying to build a reputation as a good baker, website content focused on baking will see better results than content with a more scattered focus.

4. Link Internally

Proper use of internal links will make your site both easier to find in search engine results and easier to navigate once your visitors arrive. If you want to learn more, online marketing expert Neil Patel has put together a helpful primer on the topic.

5. Spruce Up Your URLs

If you haven’t done so already, make sure your website uses static URLs and keywords within those URLs. For instance, a blog post with a static URL ending in “5-Thanksgiving-dessert-ideas” will likely perform better than a post with a dynamic URL ending in a random string of numbers.

6. Don’t Neglect Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions appear in search results and give people a snapshot of what a page contains before they actually visit the page. A good meta description will position a page higher in search results and make it more enticing to potential visitors.

7. Think Local

Unless your business truly has a wide reach, it’s important to focus on local customers. Imagine, for instance, San Diego internet marketing efforts for a veterinarian based in the city: Content not focused on San Diego–area pet owners will likely be wasted.

8. Prioritize Speed

One of the best pieces of advice our SEO company in San Diego can give is to make sure your website is as speedy as possible. Slow-loading pages perform worse when it comes to search results, and visitors are much more likely to bail on them before they fully load. Many tactics can help you boost your website’s speed, like using Google’s PageSpeed tools.

9. Optimize Your Images

The Content Marketing Institute recommends shrinking your image sizes as much as you can without sacrificing visual quality. The CMI also advises that among the myriad file formats out there, JPEG works well for colorful pictures and PNG is a great choice for simple ones.

10. Write Good Headlines and Titles

Neglecting security is a bad idea for many reasons, one of which is that website security actually affects your website’s search engine performance. Proper security measures including investing in an SSL certificate, making sure your hosting provider takes security seriously and practicing sound password management.

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