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Email Marketing Services

Given the fact that there are nearly four billion active email users every day around the world, it would seem to make great business sense to make use of email marketing. Even if it isn’t a cornerstone strategy, it should at least be one component of your overall marketing strategy. It can be a pretty big task though, so you may want to avail yourself of an email marketing services provider.

Often times these specialty firms are also San Diego SEO agencies, since the two are at least somewhat related. It’s always best to connect with consumers who are predisposed to purchase your products or services. This allows you to get the most out of your email marketing management services, and discover a great many more potential customers.

email marketing services

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Lion Bear Media's seo team have been a huge help to the growth and prosperity of Sunset Property Management. Our online visibility and website traffic has increased by 165%. These guys are the email marketing experts!

Andrew Grinnell

It's because of Lion Bear Media that Quick Water Heater ranks #1 in the search engines locally for our industry. We are outranking our competition, driving more website traffic, and generating more quality leads daily.

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Brandon Baril

Lion Bear Media helped my business transform online. They guided me through the email marketing process and provided monthly reports to share my campaign results. Our email campaign sales have skyrocketed and we are selling more coffee through our website than ever.

Ryan Beckley

We know how important it is to use local SEO to attract more potential customers online searching for healthy pizza. That is why we chose to work with the best SEO company in san diego. Lion bear media has exceeded all exceptions and highly recommend their seo and email marketing services.

Brandon Baril

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Effectiveness of email marketing

Effectiveness of email marketing

When it comes to generating leads and converting them, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more effective marketing tool than email marketing services. Studies have shown that a whopping 61% of consumers prefer interacting with brands via email. This is regardless of demographics such as age or gender. At the heart of its effectiveness is the fact that email marketing is very adept at sending out personalized, targeted messages. The recipients of these messages are individuals who are recognized as being in the ideal target group of any given business. 

Most businesses have now recognized this fact, and it shows in the usage results. A full 79% of B2C businesses make use of email as one of their content distribution channels, and that figure jumps to 87% for B2B businesses. If your business has yet to jump on the bandwagon, now is the ideal time to do so. Contact our San Diego search engine optimization agency, so we can help you take advantage of email marketing benefits.

Email marketing vs. Social Media

There’s no question that social media is attracting a great deal of attention from advertisers these days. This is justifiable and understandable, because of the huge numbers of potential customers using the platforms. However, in terms of actual return on investment, you might be surprised to learn that email marketing is far more effective. Only about 4% of consumers actually check their social media channels for advertising details. This is in contrast to an impressive 44% who routinely check their emails for brand promotions. 

Other benefits of email marketing include: building customer loyalty, tracking your analytics, connecting with diverse audiences, saving time and effort, expanding your reach, and having the ability to conduct test campaigns via email. It is known that approximately 310 billion emails are sent and received every single day. Some of those should be issued by your company, so you can engage with your target audience, and get to know them better.

By making much greater use of email marketing, you just may find that your company is gaining traction in its efforts to grow and expand. Your San Diego business can have a presence all over the globe, if that’s where your target audience is. All you have to do is develop your own email marketing strategy, or work with an agency that can help you get there.

Email marketing vs. Social Media

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