Disappearing Content is the Future of Advertising

We’re not really too sure if Snapchat knew exactly what they were getting into with the concept of disappearing content. You know, it being the future of social media and all. But why would we want our content to disappear?…

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San Diego Might Be Open Until 4 A.M.

We are already known as the most liberal state out there, so now California is out to set the bar again for the states. This, a play on words as we are aiming to achieve the extension of bar time…

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A Realistic Look at San Diego and Its Charming #8 Luster

In a recent study done by WalletHub, San Diego was deemed the eighth best large city to live in across the nation. Not bad, but we all know that it’s a stretch to give us that number as the dream…

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Predicted Marketing Trends of This Year: What Came True? What’s Coming in 2018?

The summer months are fading out and 2017 is already coming to a close. Crazy, right? Well, just for fun we thought we would look back at the trends were predicted in 2016 for this year of app intensity, digital…

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Semantic SEO: Google’s Newest Focus and Its Relevance

Gone are the days when we could just place important, level 10 keywords all throughout our content and watch the campaign wins, clients, and money roll in. To add more fuel to the fire, Google’s newest focus is called semantic…

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NY Times Best Sellers Agree: User Intent Is SEO’s Everything And More

Everyone in the marketing industry knows and predicts the fickle fluctuations of search engine optimization, but there might just be more of a meaningful strategy in terms of user intent toward this living and breathing entity than what meets the…

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branding trends
Critics Reveal The Current Branding Trends Of 2017

Some forms of branding may look sleek and streamlined, but their fashion sense may not last forever. If you’re overdue for a rebranding, or you are looking to get started with your very own social media brand, it’s time to…

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marketing trends
These 2017 Digital Marketing Trends Have Everyone Talking

The best trends are the ones that easily integrate into our regular routines and culture. In the case of marketing, two of the bigger digital trends currently making many “Cool Things in 2017” lists also appeared on past lists: Video…

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web design trends
10 Web Design Trends That Will Impress Your Clients

Keeping your website looking fresh and attractive is crucial in today’s crowded online marketplace. If you’re thinking about sprucing up your web presence, take some inspiration from these emerging web design trends currently gaining attention. 2017 is a great year…

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Instagram Marketing
10 Things You Must Do if You Market Your Business on Instagram

If you are looking to get the most out your Instagram marketing for your business then checkout the infographic below that gives you a quick list as a guide. 10 Things You Must Do if You Market Your Business on Instagram….

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