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As the best Google Marketing Firm in San Diego, Self Image Media will guide you through the fluctuation of the digital market with ease. One effective marketing strategy that we always recommend to our clients is a professional Google Adwords Management Campaign and here is why.

We understand Google Adwords Management is a service, and it comes down to value and customer service. With our clear campaign strategy, our team will build and execute your pay per click Adwords campaign that will continuously increase both the traffic to your site and ROI (return on investment).

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How a Google Adwords Campaign Works

Not too get too technical here but the key to a successful Google Adwords campaign is the quality score. The relation of the search results compared to the quality of ad groups, keywords, ads, and landing pages when typed into Google will determine how well the campaign runs and where your ads will rank on the page. Anytime there is a created search on the site, the AdWords auction is initiated and every advertiser whose keywords match the search will compete in said auction. 

When choosing the service from our digital marketing agency, our Adwords Specialists help clients understand what discounter (the advertiser’s minimum amount to beat the Ad rank of the contender below them) will work best with their budget. With a great understanding of SEO functionality and keyword importance, our particular AdWords strategy allows us to offer these services at lower prices to our clients that will increase their ranking without increasing their budget.

The getting started process includes keyword analysis, account creation, and analytics integration. The Google Adwords Campaign Management platform will need a custom setup specific to each client before we turn on the Adwords campaign and start generating traffic. Understanding your business is important so we start with an industry/competitive analysis of your market.

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Why Choose Us?

When a business relies on a prepackaged marketing strategy, it risks losing business and its unique identity which is not what we want for our customers. 

By implementing a specific and tailored Google Adwords campaign for your business, we can narrow down your demographic audience and target them through keyword search, display, remarketing, product ads and more to bring them directly to your site. Just as you would assume, many changes take place throughout the process of each campaign which will require your ability to adapt to said changes.

Luckily for you, our marketing team works around the clock to monitor your pay per click Adwords investment to ensure that you are getting the highest possible quality service. Any and all changes, whether they are submitted by you or our AdWords Specialists, will be handled promptly and efficiently.

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Self Image Media is the Best Adwords Management agency in San Diego for any type of business looking to grow online and create an engaging brand awareness. Contact our agency today to see what kind of results we can get for you and your business.

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