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Hiring a San Diego web design company that has experience and creative ideas is important for any brand looking to give itself a professional upgrade. Creative web design is the main other component in the website development process. It takes an experienced creative web design firm that can create clean and professional graphics for a website. make a website look visually stunning and professional.

Our web design solutions include WordPress, eCommerce, Landing Pages, Sales Funnels, and Custom web design projects to fit your needs.

A website isn’t just about the navigation or the content, it’s also about the design. A clean, professional, and user-friendly web design is also important on how your business is being portrayed online. Web design is the creativity and art that goes into the website. Every business needs a creative design team that can take their vision and create something uniquely that defines the brands online image.

Design needs to relate to people in a way that makes them feel like they are working with an experienced and professional business. Your online presence is just like your physical office. It needs to look clean and professional when clients come in. Same goes when they are online passing through your website.

Web Design San Diego

Self Image Media is the top web design solution in San Diego for all types of local businesses, start-ups, eCommers, and entrepreneurs alike. We created this website design company with you, our valued client, in mind. The first impression you give online is more important than ever. Our team of creative web designers will build you a visually stunning website that functions on the latest technologies.

Providing your business a professional, unique and modern web design look that will stand out from your competitors. We develop websites that engage your audience, help drive growth, and build brand awareness. Working with years of experience, we understand what type of layout for a web page is preferred and the use of the content, colors, images, and fonts that will make your visitors engage and share. Contact Us today and get access to the top web designers in San Diego.

We understand every client has different website needs. Below are just a handful of the types we do.

Custom Website Design, Web Development, Seo Web Design, Mobile Responsive Web Design, WordPress, eCommerce Web Design, LocalBusiness Website Design, Landing Page Design, UX Web Design, and MORE.

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Web Design Agency


If you’re looking for the best web design agency in San Diego, look no further than our company, Self Image Media. We’ve already helped countless startup companies, entrepreneurs, e-Commerce sites, and other more established businesses with websites that are ideally crafted to gain brand recognition, encourage increased traffic, and promote business growth for our clients.

In today’s highly competitive business world, it’s never been more important to make that great first impression, and entice visitors deeper into your site for the possibility of conversion. Sometimes all you get is that first impression, and if your website doesn’t provide visual appeal as well as intuitive navigation and functionality, along with relevant content, visitors may quickly abandon the site in favor of one more interesting. Here’s the approach used by our web designers in San Diego, which is what makes our web design company stand out from all our competitors. Ask more about our web design and hosting services.

Web Design Process


1 – Meet and brainstorm with clients 

The first step in our overall web design process is to meet and brainstorm with clients about exactly what you’re trying to achieve with your new website. An e-Commerce site for instance, would have different objectives than a company whose primary goal was to project itself as an authoritative leader in its market, perhaps as an environmental web design consulting agency.

2 – Prepare a web design and development strategy

This step would normally include an exhaustive research process for the market you’re in, discovering what your competitors are currently doing, and where opportunities may exist for you to focus your efforts on. This information can be invaluable in supplying direction and guidance to the development process, with clear-cut goals now established. This development strategy will also take into account the need for mobile responsive web design, so that your new website will be optimally displayed on all mobile devices.

3 – Develop the website

During this phase, all the necessary coding will be done, along with comprehensive internal testing and user approval of all functional characteristics. At this time also, all PHP (hypertext pre-processor) scripting is integrated into the HTML code in order to achieve the desired visual effects and other expected results. A Content Management System is decided upon, for instance WordPress or some other system, to manage your ongoing posts and updates to the site.

4 – Prepare the design and layout 

The custom web design begins to take shape during this stage, as the graphics are integrated, content is emplaced, and the layout of each page is finalized, according to the unique needs of your business. With all functional pieces in place, the overall user experience can be gauged, and if any tweaks or changes are needed, they can be incorporated to improve the look and feel, or the usability of the site, before it is release to the general public.

5 – Launch the website 

After all internal testing has been done, and complete client satisfaction has been achieved, the site is ready for launching on the Internet. From this point forward, our team can provide whatever support is needed to optimize the site, and you as a client can begin gathering analytics data that will help you understand which aspects of the site are most relevant to visitors, and which might need some kind of enhancement or revision.

One final step

This isn’t really a step in our web design process, but it’s an important follow-up to the great decision you’ve made in collaborating with Self Image Media. We’d love to have you keep in contact with us to let us know how we’re doing, and how we can serve you better. Our reputation depends on satisfying our clients to the maximum, and that’s an objective of ours that we never lose sight of.

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