The Struggle for Smart Segmentation

Consumers are bombarded with advertisements every single day, with newspapers in the morning, mobile advertisements on cell phones, billboard advertisements on the way to work, radio advertisements in the car, and television advertisements in the evening. With these ads, more consumers are using ad-blocking services and spam filters, making it harder for marketers to reach target audiences.

In order to reach any target audience, marketers are REQUIRED to segment their audience and create personalized messages for consumers. Consumers are more likely to respond and act on an advertisement or other content if the message is tailored to their needs, wants, and desires. In other words, in order for your business or brand to stand out, you should not just be the loudest, but also be the smartest when it comes to understanding consumers on a personal level.

The issue remains that many brands and businesses are not understanding this importance. Truthfully, segmenting audiences and personalizing messages is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time and effort on the marketer’s end, when many marketers are not successfully setting up correct segmentation to begin with.

Help your business stand out against competition with these tips, tricks, and advice about segmentation. Check out this infographic from Kahuna highlighting the importance of personalizing your message to audiences, and why marketers are struggling to implement marketing personalization and segmentation.

Market Segmentation

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