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How Offline and Online Marketing Can Work Together

The ways in which consumers research and buy products are changing, and that means the methods a business uses to promote itself and its products also needs to shift in-line.

This has made the choice between offline or online marketing more complex – which is more worthy of your marketing spend?

Offline marketing – newspaper adverts, TV ad campaigns, direct mail, etc. – are getting less focus, but research suggests that many consumers still rate these channels as significant factors in their discovery and purchase process. Local newspapers, in particular, remain a trusted source of information when it comes to local businesses.

Online marketing, on the other hand – tweets, posts, updates, and PPC advertising – is also a strong contender, and is becoming a more relevant consideration as people spend more time online, particularly via mobile device.

So what does this mean for your marketing spend?

There’s not necessarily one channel which is better than the other.

Both online and offline marketing have a place in your marketing strategy, but the need to be constantly assessing what is and isn’t working for you is paramount.

The measure of whether a promotional channel is effective is whether it’s generating interest, leads and customers for your business. The below infographic breaks down some of the key data around online and offline marketing effectiveness.

Key takeaways

  • Both offline and online channels have their value when it comes to promotion and advertising
  • All promotional methods and tools need to be constantly reviewed for ROI
  • It’s not an online OR offline marketing decision, but how they support with each other that matters

    Article from James Trotter

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