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Based out of Downtown San Diego in the heart of the Gaslamp, we are the Premier Web Design and Marketing Agency Solution for all types of businesses, start-ups, eCommers, and entrepreneurs alike. We created this agency with you, our valued client, in mind.
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If there’s a way for your marketing to stand out … we’ll find it!

The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.

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About Our Marketing Agency

Having the right San Diego marketing firm to guide you through the marketing of your business online is crucial in todays digital market. Self Image Media is the one of the top marketing firms in San Diego for any type of business looking to grow online and create an engaging brand awareness.

There are many different ways a business can market themselves online.
First they need to find the right full service internet marketing company.
Just a handful of our services include:

Social Media Marketing, Google Adwords Management (PPC), Facebook Advertising Management, Search Engine Optimization, Landing Page Design, Content Creation / BLOG Management, Print Advertising, Reputation Management, and Email Marketing.

Why Us

These days, marketing needs to be just as important a part of your business as having a great product or service to offer to consumers. You might be making the greatest vacuum cleaner on earth, but if consumers don’t know about it, another company with an inferior product but better marketing will probably steal all your market share. Good news! There’s a way you can prevent that kind of scenario from ever happening to you and your business – by working with the experts who know digital marketing in San Diego, Self Image Media.

We are a company founded in 2011 on the fundamental principle that the client must be satisfied completely in order for our work to be done, and for it to be considered a success. For that reason, we’ve gathered the best experts for Internet marketing in San Diego, as well as search engine marketing, PPC marketing, SEO marketing, Facebook advertising, and Social Media advertising, all here under one umbrella, so whichever of these approaches (or combinations of them) best suits your needs, we’ll be able to help get your message seen and heard.

How we can help your business with marketing goals

At Self Image Media, we don’t leave anything to chance with your marketing needs, and when you consult with us, we will follow a process which leaves no possibilities unexplored or considered. Here’s what you can count on when we work with you to develop a successful marketing strategy:

  • Meet and brainstorm – the first step in our process is to have all your company employees who have a stake in marketing, meet with our experts to have a free-flowing session where your marketing goals and objectives are identified, and some ideas are explored for how to go about achieving those goals.
  • Develop a marketing strategy – part of this involves comprehensive market research in your field to determine who your competitors are, and what they are currently doing. Then we will discuss with you any unique selling propositions you may have, or how your company adds value to a product or service that other companies cannot duplicate.
  • Creation of marketing campaigns – this is the phase where specific marketing tactics are considered, in order to identify those which might have the greatest chances for success, relative to goal achievement. Generally, some combination of tactics will be incorporated into an overall unified marketing strategy in the end.
  • Launch the campaign – whatever processes are involved in the campaign strategy, are unleashed at this time as part of the ‘Go Live’ phase. Website changes are in place, social media posts have been scheduled, Google or Facebook Ads are set, and the new face of your company is revealed to the public.
  • Tracking and analytics – it is essential that you learn how successful your marketing campaign is, particularly for each individual tactic within the overall strategy. Any components which consistently under-perform as borne out by statistics and analytics, can be replaced or tweaked into better performance, or dropped if necessary. At any rate, tracking mechanisms will allow you to improve your marketing techniques to adapt to user preferences, and extend your effective marketing reach.

Self Image Media – the name to remember

There are other marketing firms in the San Diego to be sure, and some of them may even do an adequate job for clients – but if you really need to have a superior marketing strategy in place to reach your target audience, the company to remember is Self Image Media. We aim to help every client succeed in their loftiest marketing endeavors, and we won’t rest until we’ve helped you get there.

Marketing is too important to be left to the marketing department.

Want to establish a powerful online presence?

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Got a marketing project for us or need to brainstorm?

Search Engine Marketing, Google Adwords, Social Media, Email Marketing, and More.

Our Marketing Process

Self Image Media is the one of the top marketing firms in San Diego for any type of business looking to grow online and create an engaging brand awareness.

Meet and Brainstorm

What are your marketing needs and goals?

Development Strategy

Market Research and Competitor Analysis

Campaign Creation

Develop online marketing campaigns.

Campaign Launch

Your new marketing campaign is live.

Tracking and Analytics

Track your marketing campaign results.

Want to establish a powerful online presence?

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social media marketing services

Ignoring online marketing is like opening a business but not telling anyone.

How We Do Marketing

Our internet marketing company team will provide you with an affordable and effective internet marketing and advertising strategy. We provide monthly management options custom fit to meet all your internet marketing needs. Get monthly reporting that shows your online growing success. Your internet business marketing manager will work efficiently to ensure you’re seeing results.

Build your buyer personas.

Identify your goals & the digital marketing tools you’ll need.

Evaluate your existing digital marketing channels and assets.

Audit and plan your owned, earning, and paid media.

Launch campaigns, track, and analyze your results.

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