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Marketing Trends and Predictions for 2022

Marketing Trends and Predictions for 2015

Over the last few years, the marketing world has seen a major transformation. And in particular, the digital marketing world has become a huge space in the way that companies market their products and services. Companies are now taking their business online, using the Internet to brand their business and increase sales at a rapid clip.

But like anything else, online marketing is always changing. Communication technology is always in flux, and developments will take marketing in many different directions. Some ways of marketing online will disappear and new methods will spring up.

We believe that a number of trends are on the rise for 2015. We will share our predictions with you now.

Content Marketing Will Continue to Rise

In 2014 and even before that, companies recognized the value of content marketing. This popular way to bring new business into the fold became an essential way for marketers to create relevant and inspiring content that their customers would appreciate.

Some of the prior tested solutions in the past fell by the wayside and content marketing took their place. And for the businesses and marketers that got content marketing right, they saw excellent growth in 2014 and will continue to see even more in 2015.

In 2015, we believe that many companies are going to begin to curate more content. They are going to share relevant content with their audience in a client oriented and more interactive way. We also believe that companies are going to start budgeting more for content marketing. This will allow them to reach their customers through writing and other means of generating content, which will ultimately turn into more leads on company blogs.

Video Marketing Will Be More Prevalent Than Ever

Just like with content marketing over the last few years, video marketing has also exploded on the scene. Companies recognize the value of video, and marketers see that clients and potential customers really respond to this medium.

Think about it… Having a video about your product or service is the perfect way to get this information across to your customers. It’s a great way for them to learn more about what it is that you have to offer, and it could even get them excited about the product or service.

Trying to accomplish this with text and images only is not very simple. Video allows you to really showcase your products and services in a way that text and pictures cannot achieve.

Although video marketing has been booming for a while, we actually predict that it’s going to continue to grow. We predict that there will be more online videos now than ever, and more companies are going to begin to jump on this trend. Why? Because it’s a fantastic way to market products and services and customers really respond to it.

Personalized Content Is King

Finally, companies are going to begin offering personalized content. This will really hit home with their audience and allow businesses to lower costs and increase sales. This personalized content will inspire users to stay on websites longer and it will improve customer satisfaction.

These are the marketing trends that we predict for 2015.

Any missing? Let us know in the comments.


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