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How to Get More Clients By Updating Your Website

How To Get More Clients By Updating Your Website

How to Get More Clients By Updating Your Website Frequently

Your business’ website is not a “set it and forget it” asset. It needs to be updated frequently in order to serve as a business development tool to Get More Clients By Updating Your Website Frequently

For example, your client or product list is most likely growing, maybe you’ve made employee changes, or you’ve completed new work that deserves to be showcased. There are many reasons to think of your website as a living, breathing, asset that’s alive and needs continuous care.
If you want clicks and leads to become clients, what you need is a constantly updated website. Frequent website updates are one of the key ingredients to strong SEO, strong cybersecurity, and drawing in an audience with a stream of interesting content.

Growth-driven design and other fast-update website management trends are leading the cutting-edge in client acquisition. Keep reading and we’ll tell you why and how website updates increase your customer base. Plus, what to expect when you include all the types of updates and the benefits they’ll provide.


Every business with an inbound marketing strategy should be putting out a continual flow of new content. Rapid content updates are critical for keeping your website relevant and powerful in the inbound marketing arena. It’s part of the SEO, Google, and other search engine optimization and page ranking formula.


Page speed is also a top factor for SEO. Google has made it clear in the last several algorithm updates that page speed (and mobile performance) will strongly determine which websites are ranked at the top of the first results page. Slow sites are downgrated while fast sights are promoted to ensure Google’s users are guided to enjoyable experiences.

To keep your website in the top their of page speed performance, your website will need to stay in shape. This can involve dozens of tweaks throughout your website software stack. From the physical server to the web widgets, keeping a website fast requires constant updates, tweaks, improvements, and sometimes even new solutions added to your stack. By regularly updating the technical performance of your website, you can both eliminate any risk of bugs and keep your pages loading faster than the competition.


Speaking of the competition, regular website updates are often a way to get ahead of your same-industry contemporaries. Many businesses treat their website like a ‘set it and forget it’ tool. It’s common for businesses to treat their website like an online storefront and nothing else – then maintain it as if it were a storefront that only needs the windows polished from time to time. This is not the case in online business competition. The company that has the snappiest, most interactive and appealing website is the one that wins clients.

If a potential client checks your website and your competition at the same time, what will they see? If your website updates are staying ahead of the curve, they’ll find an interactive and enjoyable experience with widgets and tools designed to enhance their experience. If your competition still has an out-of-the-box website design, then you’ll win against the competition with website experience alone. And if your competition is trying to keep up with the latest design and widget trends, faster updates keep your website ahead of their curve.


Another reason to update your website constantly is security patches. You may be aware of the ongoing cybersecurity battle between the systems administration industry and the dark-net hacker community. They come up with new hacks and we come up with new defenses. When they try something new, we design a new defense. When they break a defense, we build something stronger. This digital combat means that there are both always new risks and new security measures to enact.

Those measures are managed in security patches. The developers of the software and tools your company uses will release a new ‘patch’ (a small software update) each time a security gap is closed or a new security measure is introduced. By keeping up with your patch updates, your website maintains the highest possible level of security that your current stack can provide.

How does this win you more customers? The answer is protecting your clients and creating a relationship of trust that hasn’t been achieved by competition. Many companies are experiencing security breaches and losing business when customers are dismayed that their data has been lost. Keeping up with the constant security patches ensures that your customers remain safe while the customers of other, less attentive brands may soon become available.


Last but certainly not least, constantly updating your website with new content and features will delight and engage your customer base. New content in the form of articles, videos, service pages, and even help pages are designed to draw in new leads and re-engage returning customers. The more content your website contains, the more there is for your clients to explore and enjoy. New content is the answer to both picking relevant hot-topics and continuing to entertain clients who have already enjoyed your previous content.

Each new topic is a chance to excite your reader-customers and to entice new customers through inbound marketing.

Building a fast-updating website strategy is the key to great performance, page ranking, and an ever-growing client list.

Whether you are building a new website or kicking your current website into gear, the Lion Bear Media web design team is here to make it happen. You can count on us to take on the attentive and professional work of keeping your website both up to date and at the cutting-edge of user experience.

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