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How Colors Influence People – The Psychology of Color in Business Marketing

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Color, as we understand it, is something that we know that fully appeals to our overall visual senses. But what you might not realize is that as a marketing tool, color is frequently used. As a matter of fact, there have been countless studies to determine how certain colors can have an effect on consumers. Whether you realize it or not, some colors will stimulate certain areas of the brain. Certain colors will stimulate excitement while other colors will produce tranquility.

How do you, as a business owner, incorporate the use of colors into your marketing scheme?


Colors and the Way That They Influence People

We will now look at a number of different colors and tell you, based on scientific studies, exactly how they make people feel and act.

    • Red – this color is often used by fast food chains because it helps to promote and encourage appetite. Not only that, but the color red also creates a sense of urgency; is associated with movement, excitement and passion, and it’s frequently used at clearance sales to get people to purchase. This high-energy color immediately grabs your focus and holds on tight. Last but not least, it physically stimulates the human body and raises heart rate, blood pressure and nerve impulses.


    • Blue – this color is preferred by men and it is actually associated with reliability, peace and water. The color blue provides a sense of security, and companies that use this color in their marketing scheme will help to stimulate loyalty and create brand trust. The color blue helps to curb the appetite and its most often used in the corporate environment setting. It provides a calming mind and is typically associated with maturity.


    • Green – this earthy color is associated with health, tranquility and nature. And when people or brands use the color green, they typically do so to be associated with wealth and money. Stores like to use the color green because it helps to relax customers, and it’s frequently used as a way to promote issues with the environment.


    • Purple – this color is associated with wisdom, respect and royalty. It helps to stimulate creativity and the problem-solving areas in the brain. From a marketing standpoint, anti-aging and beauty products use this color regularly.


    • Orange and Yellow – these colors increase optimism and cheerfulness. Orange is a way to show caution in the color yellow is known to make babies cry.


    • Black – this color is associated with power, authority, strength and stability. Black is also a symbol of intelligence. If you’re looking to appear slimmer, wear black clothing because it’s very effective.


    • Gray – this color is a symbol of timeliness, solidarity and practicality. Experiencing the color gray too often can lead to feelings of nothingness.


  • White – this color is associated with safety, cleanliness and purity. Brides wear white on their wedding day, and it also helps to connotative a clean slate and sparks a sense of creativity.


Use these color charts to help influence customers in your marketing efforts.


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