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6 Best Historic Hotels in San Diego, CA

best historic hotel

What are the best places to stay in San Diego? 

Do you know what’s more fascinating about San Diego, CA? Its everything! From amazing sand beaches, finest weather, and pristine coastline to fantastic historic hotels in San Diego. This place has everything lined up for its visitor. 

Beguin back in the year 1769 as a nation, and merged as a part of the well-renounced country USA in 1848. The town of San Diego came up with a rich history in terms of mesmerizing destinations and splendid architecture. 

The few best historic architectural examples in San Diego are Casa de Estudillo, San Diego Convention Center, Balboa Park, and most importantly historic hotels in San Diego. 

So, if you are visiting San Diego for the first time and looking to mark out the must-visit places in San Diego, California, then our insider guide Selfimagemedia is here to help you. 

In this article, we are listing the six best historic hotels in San Diego, CA that are historically amazing and are a true luxury that you are surely going to enjoy on your trip.  

List of 6 Best Historic Hotels in San Diego, California

  1. Hotel Del Coronado
  2. The Westgate Hotel
  3. Horton Grand Hotel
  4. Hilton Garden Inn San Diego Old Town/SeaWorld Area
  5. Courtyard by Marriott San Diego Downtown
  6. Grande Colonial La Jolla

1. Hotel Del Coronado

Hotel del Coronado

Location: Colorado, California 

Price Range: Around USD $100 for two persons

Ambiance: An iconic hotel carrying amazing history and visited by numerous tourists every year. It’s the oldest hotel in the U.S. where you will find the rich and luxurious ambiance that you would never wanna miss. 

About The Hotel: A luxurious beachfront hotel, inaugurated in the year 1888 currently completed its 134 years of success. Hotel Del Coronado is one of the top historic hotels in San Diego. This rich hotel is located at San Diego Bay at Coronado island and was renounced as a national historic landmark, as it was counted in the National Register of Historic Places in the year 1971. 

The remarkable history of this Del is not limited to being a historic landmark. This place is also famous for being a shooting location for numerous Hollywood movies such as My Blue Heaven (1990), Some Like It Hot (1959), and so on. Many famous personalities such as Lana Turner, Bette Davis, Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe, etc., and famously President William Taft had also stayed here. 

What Special? 

  • Kids friendly San Diego Resort 
  • Posh beachfront location 
  • Located at renowned Coronado Beach
  • Robust holiday activities 
  • Cabana Guest rooms 
  • Amazing Outdoor swimming pools

2. The Westgate Hotel

The Westgate Hotel

Location: San Diego, California 

Price Range: Around USD $190 for two persons

Ambiance: You can find yourself surrounded by old-world charm, luxurious amenities highly professional staff, and high-standard guests with delicate tastes.

About The Hotel: If you are searching for the best places to stay in San Diego then we suggest you consider The Westgate Hotel. A luxurious hotel in San Diego that welcomes richness and high standards in every step. Westgate welcomes its guests with luxurious amenities and Rolls Royce limousine service which is the symbol of royalty in itself. 

You can find an extravagant type of hotel experience when you enter its lobby, you will feel like you have entered into the world of France. You can barely find anything common, from Italian marble flooring, and fabulous baroque furniture to the dramatic staircase. 

Being located on the edge of the historic Gaslamp Quarter and having surprisingly 223 rooms on the 19th floor of the building. This hotel caters to guests with refined tastes and high standards. 

Westgate hotel is a total France that counts among the best historic hotels in San Diego. This hotel is so amazing that should be visited at least once if you are planning to visit San Diego.

What Special? 

  • Hotel events including Yoga sessions and poetries
  • Spas and multiple other treatments
  • Historic Gaslamp Quarter
  • Rooftop pools and amazing dine and beverage service
  • Luxurious appointments stay 

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3. Horton Grand Hotel

Horton Grand Hotel

Location: Island Ave, San Diego, California 

Price Range: Around USD $195 for two persons

Ambiance:  This is a Gaslamp district gem that is uniquely combined with elegant charm, historic delight, and rich yet budgeted accommodations here.

About the Hotel: Step in at Horton Grand Hotel and discover the historic gem of San Diego. If you are an asthetist then Horton Grand is the right place for you. This is one of the remarkable historic hotels in San Diego which represent the remarkable old history of Gaslamp San Diego streets and style. 

We bet nothing could beat the exact Victorin historic vibe and insight when you step into the hotel surrounding the street. Horton Grand is one of Gaslamp’s hotels that combines Victorian history, comfort, and decor. 

Built-in 1887, the Grand Horton was a luxury hotel designed based on the Innsbruck Inn in Vienna, Austria. It is counted under the urban boutique hotels which are located in the center of downtown San Diego. If you have an eye for historic perfection then you will never go away praising the fascinating detailed architecture of this place.

From antiques, Marble flooring, and rich wooden oak paneling this hotel driver the right historic feel. However, been going through fastidious reconstruction in 1980, Horton Grand keep it a bit of a modern retro luxury theme to its interior. Some major interior attractions you will find when visiting this place are a majestic wood staircase, an interior courtyard built in New Orlean style, antiquated palace bar are some of this hotel’s outstanding features. 

What Special? 

  • Fascinating architecture 
  • Rich Victorian gaslamp streets
  • Old Town Trolley sightseeing tour
  • Can enjoy the Padres baseball game at Petco Park
  • Walking distance to local beaches
  • Old street amazing market

4. Hilton Garden Inn San Diego Old Town/SeaWorld Area

Hilton Garden Inn San Diego

Location: Taylor Street, San Diego, California 

Price Range: Around USD $200 for 2 people 

Ambiance:  Designed to offer a fusion of old, modern, and contemporary vibes. Hilton Garden Inn San Diego is an amazing hotel that offers useful amenities crafted especially for a comfortable stay.

About the Hotel: The Hilton Garden Inn San Diego is the fourth-best hotel in San Diego on our list. Glancing at its history this hotel has multiple chain hotels throughout famous places in the USA. Considering the  Hilton Garden Inn San Diego old town, it has successfully completed 12+ years. Yet the hotel exterior speaks out more about the Spanish-influenced historical architecture which is eye catchy in itself. 

Guests will never feel like they have entered into some modern constructed world, instead, the lobby will give you the typical old-town hotel vibe. Hilton Garden is a perfect example of modern, old, and contemporary mixed architecture topped with highly modernized technology inside which never goes out of fashion. 

Not just this, Hilton is also counted as one of the hotels in San Diego near the beach. So this hotel wins in terms of convenience. From Valley View Casino, kids’ favourite SeaWorld, world renounced San Diego Zoo to Qualcomm Stadium, Balboa Park, and miles of spread scenic beaches, Hilton has everything to offer its visitors within a minute’s difference.                      

What’s Special?

  • Highly hygienic and clean hotel environment
  • Easy access to San Diego Zoo and Sea World
  • Delectable Hispanic heritage cuisine diet and food
  • 24*7 pavilion pantry
  • Lavish 725 sq. ft. hotel rooms 

5. Courtyard by Marriott San Diego Downtown

Courtyard By Marriott

Location: Broadway, San Diego, California

Price Range: Around USD $199 for 2 people

Ambiance: Luxurious guest rooms with fascinating architecture and top quality amenities along with high profile and rich guests.

About the Hotel: If you want to explore true ‘Bank’ Royalty then Courtyard by Marriott is the perfect spot for you to stay in San Diego. Unlike other Marriot chain hotels, this is one the stunning hotels that has a treasure to share with its guests. 

Reconstructed as a hotel back in 2013 and now in 2020, Courtyard by Marriott is a perfectly preserved hotel that has served as a trusted saving bank before. Back in time, this building is known as the most stunning commercial building of its time. 

The bank history comes interesting, with multiple seizures in 1990 the bank got shut down in 1996 and the entire building was registered under the National Register of Historic Places. In the year 2013, Marriott renovated this building and opened it as a hotel Courtyard San Diego Downtown. 

The building has many notable unique architectural features which differentiate it from other hotels. Its lobby offers Starbucks where you can sip your favorite coffee that is guided by hotel ambassadors. The main attraction is the original marble stenciled Mediterranean seas and the meeting space at the old bank vault. 

What Special? 

  • Premium accommodations for guests
  • 4,804 square feet of uniquely customized luxurious flexible meeting space
  • High-quality and High designed Interior 
  • The technologically advanced tallest building in San Diego 
  • Renounced as a historic landmark 
  • Satisfying cuisine and Starbucks

6. Grande Colonial La Jolla

Grand Colonial Hotel

Location: Prospect Street, La Jolla, California 

Price Range: Around USD $205 for 2 people 

Ambiance: You will love this hotel’s Modern-European decor that gives a hint of an old architectural vibe. Amazing oceanic views from the room window make it one of the best hotels in San Diego near the beach. Talking about ambiance this place is reputed for its rich ambiance which is why this hotel won AAA Four Diamonds.

About The Hotel: First introduced in the year 1913, Grand Colonial Hotel is La Jolla’s first hotel. This hotel is another stunning historic hotel in San Diego. In the 1940s this hotel famously served as home in World War II to officers and also to some famous actors who perform at the La Jolla Playhouse. 

The main attraction is the drugstore which runs inside the hotel that attracts locals to get essentials. It also serves many famous Hollywood movie stars such as – David Niven, Jane Wyatt, Charlton Heston, etc. 

What’s more interesting is that the hotel is reputed as haunted that is claimed by numerous guests over time. The hotel named it AAA+ four diamond which is a symbol of great hotels themselves. You can enjoy the amazing oceanic view from your hotel window along with a farm-to-table hotel restaurant i.e. NINE-TEN which is known as the best in San Diego. 

What’s special?

  • Thrilling haunted place 
  • Prospect street location 
  • Walking distance shops, beaches, and restaurants
  • One of best hotels in San Diego near the beach
  • Amazing room service by NINE-TEN
  • Not counted as cheap hotels in San Diego but is under budget from the price point of view
  • European style interior and infrastructure

Best Historic Hotels In San Diego – Nutshell 

So above we have listed visitors listed most favorite top historic hotels in San Diego. We hope our post will help you find the perfect places to stay in San Diego. So, do visit any of these hotels, we would love to hear about your experience and your favorite hotel.

Best Historic Hotels in San Diego, California: FAQs

1. What are some good heritage hotels in San Diego that are best for families?

Every heritage hotel at Sat Diego has something unique to offer its guest. From amazing sights seen to astonishing interiors and unique architecture, San Diego hotels are great in every way. From our listing some of the best heritage hotels in San Diego for families are – Hotel Del Coronado, Courtyard by Marriott San Diego Downtown, and Hilton Garden Inn San Diego Old Town/SeaWorld Area. 

2. What are some top historic hotels in San Diego near the beach? 

San Diego is a place that has several fascinating beaches in multiple areas. Our top favorite hotels in San Diego near the beach are – 

  • Grande Colonial La Jolla (Prospect St, La Jolla, CA) 
  • Hilton Garden Inn San Diego Old Town/SeaWorld Area (Taylor St, San Diego, CA) 
  • Hotel Del Coronado (Orange Ave, Coronado, CA) 
  • La Valencia Hotel (Prospect St., La Jolla, San Diego, CA) 

The easy way to determine the top hotels in San Diego near the beach is primarily by choosing which beach you have been planning to visit. Based on that you can determine which hotel you would like to stay in.

3. Do historic hotels in San Diego offer modern facilities?

Every hotel that was listed under historical hotels in San Diego is preserved with efforts delivering each end every available modern amenities that will be combined without old, modern, and contemporary facilities. From modern facilities such as Wifi, ACs, and modernized bathrooms to traditional amenities such as hand-made organic soaps or locally made toiletries. You being a guest will find all types of modern facilities depending on the hotel amenities. To know more you can check out their website so you will know what list of amenities you will be welcomed with.  

4. How many historic hotels are there in San Diego, CAs?

If we count historic hotels in San Diego, CA then there are around 100+ that are renounced as the best historic hotels in San Diego. Talking about the Historic Hotels of America that are officially 300+ hotels registered as authentic, fully maintained, and architecturally integrated hotels in the USA. This includes multiple states such as San Diego, Columbia, Puerto Rico, and so on. 

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