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Get Buzzed with Great Content Marketing Mixology

Content Marketing Mixology

With 77% of marketers are now using Content Marketing Mixology, and 69% of them are creating even more content than they were just one year ago, Content Marketing Mixology is becoming an integral aspect of the social media marketing plan.

As JBH puts it, creating amazing content is like mixing the perfect cocktail drink.

To enjoy a good drink, it must be made with decent alcohol, but more importantly, must be mixed correctly. Just like a well-mixed beverage, content marketing must be properly mixed with the right parts of information and content. Of course, the ambiance of the bar is important, as well as who is serving the drinks. And yes, it must be visually appealing (no consumer will trust poorly put together content nor would they drink an unappetizing drink) as well as easy to swallow. Yet, the most critical parts are what the drink is made of and how it tastes.

Check out this infographic that serves up a cocktail menu featuring specialty content drinks that will get audiences buzzing.

Mixology of Content Marketing


These tips and strategies will allow your content Marketing to gain new customers, retain those customers through brand loyalty, and create an interactive relationship with Followers. Hopefully this post has introduced you to some new tactics and will help you utilize social media to its fullest ability for your content marketing.


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