small business marketing plan
A 27-Day Online Marketing Plan For Your Small Business

Small business owners are exceptional at what they do. From creating amazing products and services to delivering unrivaled customer experience, small business owners know how to thrive in their community. There is however, one downfall of some business owners in…

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Marketing and the Media: Tips for Utilizing Social Media Marketing

Social media took the world by storm after the creation of Facebook. It continues to flourish as more companies pop up and differentiate methods of social media marketing. Restaurants, brands, hotels, entrepreneurs, big and small companies, etc. all benefit from…

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30 Online Marketing Terms Every Business Owner Needs to Know

Backlinks, Hashtag, CTA, Tweet, Hootlet… Wait, are we still speaking English here? The rise of online marketing has done more that just change the way we promote our businesses, it’s changed the way we talk about marketing. Along with this…

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