branding and marketing
How Colors Influence People – The Psychology of Color in Business Marketing

Color, as we understand it, is something that we know that fully appeals to our overall visual senses. But what you might not realize is that as a marketing tool, color is frequently used. As a matter of fact, there…

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7 Tips To Grow Your Local Business Online
7 Tips To Grow Your Local Business Online eBook

As business owners, we have to do everything in our power to grow our local business online. Without an online web presence, we are literally going to miss the boat and watch our businesses struggle and suffer while other companies…

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3 Things to Avoid When Building Your Online Brand

When it comes to brand building on the Internet, getting this right could be the difference between online success and failure. If you brand your company wrong, you could kill your chances at achieving any level of real success. People…

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reputation management
5 Reasons Why Reputation Management Can Save Your Brand

Nobody wants to read negative information about their company online. And even more importantly than that, no one wants their customers finding negative information about their company or its employees. But negative info does find its way onto the Internet…

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