Branding Services

One of the most important things a web design firm can help you do for your business is to come up with a smart, well thought out branding strategy. The reason for this is simple: people react to the image that your company put’s out. When it comes down to it, consumers think with their eyes as much as they do with their brains.

Branding is not just your logo, its the experience that you give your customers. It’s about getting them to talk about you to others. Be a brand that not only engages online, but one that has a voice. Get in touch with our creative design team and see what branding strategy we can come up for you.

No matter what type of product or service you are selling, customers are going to be attracted to your business by the look it portrays through its creative website design and logo. This is where having the best web design company can help a brand look professional and be remembered.

Of course, it’s not just about coming up with a good looking logo, an easy to navigate webpage, or even a smart print advertising campaign; it’s about knowing how to connect with your customers through that design. You need a creative design team who not only provides visually stunning design, but knows how to connect it to its audience.

Creative Branding

There may be no single aspect of marketing your business to a targeted audience which is more important than creative branding. Your company brand is a whole lot more than just a good logo design or a clever catch-phrase that people remember, or at least it should be. Branding and design for your company is something that can actually conjure up all the positive attributes that you’d like to be recognized for, in the minds of consumers in your market.

This is something that is pure gold in advertising, because it means customers have this clear and positive image of your company, even when there’s nothing present to physically remind them of your company. If you’ve properly projected all those great qualities into the branding logo, that one symbol in people’s heads is enough to recall all the other good things associated with your business, so they can pass them on to others via word of mouth.

That’s why we take brand advertising so seriously at Self Image Media, and it’s why we are happy to help you consider every possibility in order to find just the right representation for your company. Whether that works best with traditional branding, or online branding, or both – we’ll help you arrive at the collection of attributes you want your company to be identified with and known for in the industry.

Branding Process

At each step in the following process, we’ll consult with you to make sure we’re still on track with the ideals you want your company to represent:

  • Initial meeting and brainstorming – during the initial phase of a branding project, all ideas are fair game when we get together with your company stakeholders. This is when creativity flows freely, and all kinds of branding ideas are put on the table.
  • Identification of target demographic – market research and analysis helps everyone involved understand the true target demographic, so a company image can be crafted to appeal to this specific segment of consumers.
  • Design and development – visual elements, including the logo itself, are designed and developed in this phase, with all those visuals adhering to the image concept and attributes which are going to be conveyed to consumers.
  • Establishment of brand identity – all imagery associated with branding is established, and the voice or tone of communications is considered, so as to have maximum appeal to the target demographic.
  • Launch the brand – all deliverables for the project are provided to the client, and the campaign to establish or reinforce company branding is launched across whatever channels are best suited to reach the target demographic.

The #1 San Diego branding consultant firm

We like to think of Self Image Media as the premier branding consultant firm in the entire San Diego metro area and beyond, since we also have clients in other geographic areas of the country. Because we take a logical approach to the establishment of the ideal brand identity for your company, and because part of that process is to unleash all the creativity our experts have inside, we feel very confident that we’ll be able to work closely with you to find the perfect representation of your company to the rest of the world.