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The Best Kaaboo Yet: Recapping the Festival

The Best Kaaboo Yet: Recapping the Festival

Well, it was a big year for  Kaaboo with a few changes here and there like the dip into the entrance parking lot and various adjusted arrangements for vendors and performers. But nonetheless the lineup was not lacking at all with some major groups and some San Diego-certified fantastic early fall weather. The 2017 three-day bonanza included bigger names like the iconic Ice Cube, Jane’s Addiction, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Muse and so much more. But it’s not to say that small and growing talents weren’t seen between the major sets like the uprising stars of Lany, the Stone Foxes, Milky Chance, and San Diego local Sysqband.


At the crevice of every cornered post in the venue, music could be heard like distant simultaneous sirens singing. Purposefully fainted as to not overwhelm festival goers, of course. Both sober and not, people flocked from stage-to-stage like hungry animals in search for a prey that rested only in the hands of their favorite artists and musicians. It called to them throughout the day and night as they diversely traveled back-and-forth, feeding and feasting upon sonic booms with small meals between sets. Never was there a moment dull without multiple performers chanting, ranting their hearts out to the crowds as they pulled people on stage and sang their prayers into their worshipers.


Although the lineup held its own, people will most likely remember the on-going artwork that took place over the span of the event. Talented and not yet famous artists hung from lifts as they bared their souls in front of huge crowds with paint and expression so very loud. San Diego seems to be lost in the mix of larger cities when it comes to artistic talent, music and not, so for us to have a chance to show what we bring to the table really means quite a great deal; especially since this festival is run and operated through companies located in Kansas City. All walks of life travel thousands of miles to set up, oversee, and take down the event; it really is so much more than just three days long.


Even comedy rocked the stage with massive names like David Spade, Norm Macdonald, Patton Oswalt, Nick Swardson and more! Laughs carried across waves of sound sweeping grounds that drifted with people above. Long lines drew people in as they awaited their small chances to get their spots in the “Humor Me” section since there were only so many places to seat. But, of course, so worth the wait. Appropriately, the festival was wrapped and ended with the brilliance of David Spade that has been wooing laughter for years. There could not have been a better choice of Kaaboo.

All-in-all, the festival was a success; not that we were surprised or anything. We are so proud to have attended an event wreaking of San Diego pride and will definitely be joining in on the fun next year. We cannot wait to see what Kaaboo lineup awaits in 2018! Share with us your experience in the comment section below!

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