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6 Steps to Effective Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an easy and quick tool to reach a large audience for your business. Following these six steps will help to develop effective email marketing campaigns that will appeal to consumers.

First, make sure there is compelling content, enticing consumers to click on the email. Content within the email should be clear, concise, and relevant to the audience. Also note that the emails should have a personal touch to those who open it, like giving the customer a personal greeting or referencing recent purchase activity with your business.

The email should be compatible with all platforms, from computers, mobile phones, and tablets. This assures readability for anyone to open the email, no matter where they are accessing it from. Also, note that your email could end up in spam folders, so run the content through a spam analysis before sending it out to consumers!

It is also extremely important to segment audiences to further personalize emails the business is sending. Geographic locations, similar behaviors, and purchasing power are great ways to easily segment your target audience. However, also consider lifestyle and interests as other ways to personalize emails and reach consumers.

Last but not least, do not send out emails Friday afternoon at 5pm. According to, the best day to send out emails is Tuesday, between the times of 10am-4pm. After the email is sent, track the success through open rates, which is how many times the email is opened, and click through rates, which tracks how many people click on the links in the email.

Following these steps will strengthen any email marketing campaign and help reach old and new consumers! Happy emailing!


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