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4 Top Social Media Tips for 2014

We’re closing in on the halfway point of 2014. You promised yourself and your employees that you would improve your social media this year.

How did you do? Is your company rocking and rolling now? Is your social media presence helping to grow your business?

If not, these four top social media tips for 2014 are going to come in very handy. Let’s get to it without further delay.

Tip #1: Use the Right Platforms

Before choosing to master every one of the hundreds of social media platforms out there today, spend some time to figure out which platform your potential customers congregate on.

As an example, you may offer products in a very picture friendly niche. Maybe you sell recipe books and you create great dishes. You can take pictures of those dishes and share them on Pinterest and Instragram.

If you’re a plumber, you are not really in a picture friendly niche. So sharing pictures on Instagram will not help your cause.Think about your market. Think about the social media platforms where your customers will hang out. Then learn those platforms and master everything about them.

Tip #2: Analytics Are Your Friend

At this time, there are many social media analytics tools available today. These tools will help you track your social media activity and let you know whether or not it is effective.It’s important to begin using tools as soon as possible. The sooner you start using these tools, the quicker you’ll learn if you are making a dent in the marketplace through social media.

Is social media worth your time? The analytics tools will tell you so start using them now.

Tip #3: Social Media Is All about Relationship Building

Your market wants to get to know you and your employees as people, and not just as a faceless corporation. Start building relationships with your market as soon as you can and you’ll have more customers than you could
ever possibly imagine. You’ll have so much business that you might not be able to handle it. Foster relationships on social media and you will succeed.

Tip #4: It’s about Quality, Not Quantity

Do not post for the sake of posting. Only share quality information with your social media fans. If you put out garbage content, your fans will slowly but surely begin disappearing. Some of them will hightail it out of there right away.

Use these tips to master social media in 2014.


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