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Our 4 Favorite Downtown San Diego Brunch Spots

Downtown San Diego Brunch Spots

4 most favorite Downtown Brunch Spots

We are extremely passionate about our surrounding downtown neighboring businesses and especially some of the greatest restaurants in San Diego. And, with such a big pool of eateries to choose from, a lot of people wonder which hosts the best weekend Brunch Spots in San Diego. Here are our top four favorite spots to grab something sweet and savory at when we’re not busy writing about them! Enjoy!

Cafe 21

Located on the cute little corner of downtown’s Fifth Avenue, Cafe 21 is a quaint and delicious brunch spot that always welcomes a long, hungry line ready to devour. Do not let the quaint name fool you though, Cafe 21 has a wide variety assortment of heavenly dutch pancakes and crepes straight from the cast iron itself filled with organic and local ingredients.

From fluffy tiramisu pancakes smothered in espresso syrup and powdered sugar to food-filled crepes like the roasted chicken breast drenched in caramelized onions, feta, and mozzarella, Cafe 21 is guaranteed to be your next favorite brunch spot in San Diego.

Bottega Americano

Besides having one of the most distinctive and savory brunch menus in the city, Bottega Americano is the place to go for a “Sunday Funday” alcoholic brunch bash. As a classy Italian bistro, Bottega carries the essential selection of reds and whites, but its fabulous mimosa choices may just be too good to be true.

The lush brunch-inspired drinks can range from the typical champagne and orange juice combo that never fails to a grapefruit surprise full of flavor and fresh local ingredients. Other cocktails that we highly recommend are the Caffe Fresco, a vanilla-infused vodka mixed with refreshing cold brewed coffee and the Al Fresco Sour! Enjoy their power frittata or grilled ciabatta avocado toast sprinkled with zesty, cracked black pepper. It’s seriously all delicious at Bottega Americano!

Cafe Chloe

Before anything else is mentioned, we have to point out that out of all of San Diego’s French restaurants, downtown’s Cafe Chloe was awarded the best in the city. As that sets the tone for their insatiable brunch selection, let’s get into it, shall we? Starting with the cocktails (as the French do) Chloe supplies the finest wines, Bloody Mary’s, and sorbet mimosas San Diego has ever seen.

If you aren’t feeling the Sunday Funday drinking vibe, sip on their insanely delicious lavender lemonade that is guaranteed to carry you off into another dimension. As for what you should savor the rest of your stay, the absolutely fabulous and authentic brioche french toast may even have you speaking French. If that doesn’t get you talking, check out their delicious Hand Chopped Steak Tartare or the signature Chloe Burger! Everything Chloe has to offer will exceed your prior brunch expectations tenfold. Guaranteed.

Kettner Exchange

One major reason to check our Kettner Exchange’s epic brunch is the odd selection that they offer compared to most other places. The menu includes things like 3Big-Eye Tuna Tacos, Drunken Noodles, Spicy Shrimp, Brussel Sprouts mixed in with delicious tender pig ear and their pork steam bun covered in crushed peanuts, this brunch is definitely not one to miss.

Although they have a few of the typical brunch choices like the benedict and french toast, Kettner’s fresh take on lunch portion of brunch is well-received absolutely divine. Not to mention their selection of wines, craft beers and signature hair of the dog drinks is pretty impressive too!

If you haven’t sampled any of these delightful downtown San Diego Brunch Spots joints, do yourself a favor and visit one of our delicious neighbors. Come swing by and say hi while you’re at it!

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