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3 Things to Avoid When Building Your Online Brand

When it comes to brand building on the Internet, getting this right could be the difference between online success and failure. If you brand your company wrong, you could kill your chances at achieving any level of real success.

People like to make this so much harder than it really is. Instead of telling you 1001 things that you should do in order to brand your company correctly, we’ve decided to go a different route. We felt it necessary to share three things that you should absolutely avoid when branding your company online.

Are you ready to learn the truth? Then let’s get to it…

Know Your Audience

Your audience (i.e. customers) is the lifeblood of your business. If you ever
plan to truly succeed, grow and prosper through the Internet, you must
get to know your audience intimately. You need to know everything about
them, and understand their fears, hopes and dreams. Get to know them
better than you know your own face.

Think about it…

Without knowing your audience, you would not know how to properly
market to them. You would not know where they lack in life and where you
can help to make their world just a little bit easier to navigate.
Get to know your customers and success will be waiting for you right
around the corner.

Choose Your Words Carefully

Here’s another area where we see so many companies make a huge mistake,
and we would love for you to avoid this at all costs.
Choose your words carefully. It’s so easy to offend people when you are in
the spotlight. Off the top of my head, look at Paula Deen and her recent
racially slurred scandal. She lost everything in her businesses tying slowed.
The TV show Duck Dynasty also took a major ratings hit because of one of
the cast member’s religious views about homosexuality.
Your words can hurt. Even if you don’t mean it, you could say something to
alienate and offend your entire market. Choose your words correctly, and
keep political correctness at the forefront of all of your communications.
Consistency is the Key to Success

When building your online brand, consistency is the true measure of
success. If you are inconsistent with your message, you will completely
dilute your brand. This will hurt sales over the long run, because your
customers will be confused about what it is that you are actually offering.
To succeed in today’s online business world, please avoid these three things
in all of your marketing and branding related efforts.


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