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Digital Change for Small Businesses in 2012- The huge expectations


The year 2012 is expected to bring a whole new transformation to the world of business. The advent of the internet, social networking, remote working, biometric control and many other technologically related aspects is sure proof that truly that technology is here to stay. Technology has diversified the way we do business today. Paperwork has been replaced by the use of email, and memos have been substituted by communication within intranets. You no longer have to keep carrying your notebook or diary when going for business meetings anymore. You can make good use of your phone or tablet as well.

E-commerce is a sure way to trade online today. It is the act of selling and buying through the internet. It is part of small business predictions for 2012 that there would be a diversification of services. Many businesses are moving into online sales and e-commerce today and it would be good if your business also followed suit. With the new technology of the tablet, you can monitor transactions taking place in your website by the minute just to assess the success of the online platform.


The acquisition and dissemination of information within an organization is another success factor in organizations today. Data is a critical aspect in any organization. Examples of data held by an organization would be related to competitors, creating new markets, customer expectations and best marketing ideas suitable for increasing profitability. Such data held by organizations will help a great deal in gaining success this year. Dissemination of this information is expected to be smooth mainly through the use of the internet and other aspects like company intranets and extranets.

Small business predictions also see the possibility of the transition of loyalty programs to the digital front. This will help to improve information accessibility and usefulness. Most of the companies using loyalty programs will be forced to move into the digital front. This will enable these businesses to better compete with deal websites that are already well established in the internet. Mobile loyalty programs are now going digital. It is expected that by the end of 2012, people would be able to use their phones in order to scout for some great deals of products and also run comparisons at the comfort of their homes.


It is a fact that social media are transforming the way we do business today. Many business websites are today integrating the social login facility. This is intended to act as a back link to the website. For people who understand web marketing very well, this is a sure mode of generating traffic to your website and thus increased customers. Of course this is an aspect that is still under development and the small business predictions for 2012 are inclined to the proposition of the increase in the use of social media to market businesses.


Cloud computing is an aspect of IT that has not been greatly embraced to date. However, it is expected that in 2012, things are going to change. With the increase in the business dependency on the internet, cloud computing is not something that is going to disappear any time soon. With cloud computing, businesses can access data and software through the internet. Cloud computing is expected to diversify the way data is used by businesses in 2012. The small business predictions for technology adoption and development in 2012 are mainly tied to these aspects. We expect huge developments in all sectors with proper adoption of technology.



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