small business marketing plan

A 27-Day Online Marketing Plan For Your Small Business

Small business owners are exceptional at what they do. From creating amazing products and services to delivering unrivaled customer experience, small business owners know how to thrive in their community. There is however, one downfall of some business owners in my experience. They fail to recognize the importance of online marketing for their small business….

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Marketing and the Media: Tips for Utilizing Social Media Marketing

Social media took the world by storm after the creation of Facebook. It continues to flourish as more companies pop up and differentiate methods of social media marketing. Restaurants, brands, hotels, entrepreneurs, big and small companies, etc. all benefit from the utilization of social media marketing. Companies have realized they have to speak to their…

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eCommerce Website Design

Ecommerce Website Design: 4 Features to Improve Conversion Rate

Across the board, companies within various industries tend to measure their success online based on their conversion rate. Whatever the objective of a website is, from completing a purchase, requesting a quote, or making an appointment, these actions and conversions are what all marketing initiatives intend to help accomplish. For brands within the ecommerce space,…

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online marketing mistakes

5 Psychological Biases That Doom Online Marketing Campaigns To Failure

Biases are dangerous, but when we talk about them, it’s usually in reference to politics, where biases can misdirect votes or legislation, or science and research, where biases can influence supposedly objective outcomes. However, biases can creep into your marketing strategy, as well. The success of your content marketing and SEO campaigns depend on a…

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